London, Londres (Exposición en inglés)

-Good Morning, I am Javier and I´m going to talk about London.

-I have choosen this city because I think that it is the best city where I have ever been.


1. Important characteristics

2. Policy and Monarchy

3. Places in London

4. History

5. Gastronomy

6. People

7. Important Events and Celebrations

8. Curiosities

9. Sports

Important Characteristics

London is the capital of UK, the biggest city in the EU. It is situated in the south of England by the river Thames.  It has a population of around  8.174.000 inhabitants. The main currency is the pound. This is London´s flag and this is British Flag or Union Jack. London has an oceanic climate with cold winters and mild-hot summers. Best months for visiting London are July and August


2. Politics and Monarchy

Talking about London politics we find three important people.

–         Boris Johnson, who is the Mayor of London

–         David Cameron, UK’s Prime Minister belonging to Tories (conservative party)

–         Nick Clegg, UK’s Viceprime Minister who is married with a spanish lawyer.

UK is a democratic monarchy.

–         Elisabeth II is the queen and she wears the Crown since 1953.

–         Charles of Wales who is the heir to United Kingdom throne.

–         William of Cambridge, the first son of Charles and Diana is the second in the line to the throne.

  1. 3.  Important Places

There are a lot of important monuments in London

–         Westminster palace, also known by “The Houses of the Parliament”,  it is a gothic building that contains the Britain Parliament.

–         Westminster Abbey is the oldest and the most famous temple of London.

–         Tower of London, that is the most popular tourist attraction of the city. At other times famous people like Ana Bolena or Tomás Moro were killed there by Henry VIII.

–         Buckingham Palace, the house of the british royal family.

–         St. Paul´s Cathedral, the second largest in the world.

–         Big Ben, the London´s symbol.

–         Tower Bridge, by the river Thames.

–         London Eye, from where you have a nice view to the whole London…

–         Picadilly Circus, the most famous square in London, beautiful.

–         Trafalgal Square, created in 1830 to commemorate the victory of the British army over the French and Spanish fleet.

–         Hyde Park and St James Park are ones of the most famous parks over the world.

–         Covent Garden, for me the most beautiful part of London.

–         British Museum.

–         Oxford and Regent Street, some of the most famous Streets of London, best shopping in the world is there.

–         Harrods, it is a large store in the centre of London


  1. 4.  History

London is one of the cities with more history, I ´m going to talk only about some events.

–         London was founded by the romans two thousand years ago

–         In the fith century after Christ, when the romans left the city, London was taken by the Anglo-Saxons.

–         In the eleventh century after the union of the England Kingdom, London became the most important city of England.

–         In the XVI century Henry VIII separates the English Church from the Catholic Church.

–         in the XIX century London became the largest city in the world at the same of the rise of the British Empire

–         During the Second World War London suffered many bombings that killed no less than 30,000 Londoners.

  1. 5.  Gastronomy

You will allways find in London different restaurants, there are a lot of Indian food restaurants, Asian, Italian and more.

If you travel to London, you are possibly going to eat Fish & Chips and roast-beef.

  1. 6.  People

–         David Beckham from London is an english football player. He has played in Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Ángeles Galaxy, AC Milán and now he is playing in PSG.

–         The Beatles, they were and are a famous rock band of Liverpool, England. The members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. Let it be is one of their most famous songs.

–         Adele is a Singer from Tottenham, UK. Among her awards there are nine Grammy, three Brit Awards, a Golden Globe and one Oscar. This is Rolling in the deep.

–         Henry VIII

–         William Shakespeare, who was a famous english playwright,  poet and actor. His best known play is “Romeo and Juliet”


  1. 7.  Important Events and Celebrations in London.

First some important celebrations

–         Boat Race: Universitary Regatta between Oxford and Cambridge in the river Thames.

–         Carnival of Notting Hill.

–         City of London Festival: Festival with a lot of performances in London.

Second, Events.

I am going to centre this part in the three London Olympic Games, London is the only city that has been been awarded with 3 olympic games.

London 1908:

London 1948, it was characterised by the austerity due to II World War, recently finished in 1945.

London 2012

  1. 8.  Curiosities

Typical London buses

– Typical Phone boxes

– The changing the guard that is celebrated in the Buckhingham palace at 11:30 almost everyday.

  1. 9.  Sports

Main sports in London are football and tennis.

–         Football, the most important football London teams are:

-Chelsea F.C where famous spanish football players like César Azpilicueta, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata play there.

-Arsenal F.C with also famous spanish football players like Santiago Cazorla.

– Tennis, there are no a lot of famous tennis players of London, so, I am going to talk about Andy Murray, he is from Glasgow, Scotland but he lives in London. He is the first tennis player of Great Britain of winning the Olympic Games in a hundred of years. He is the third at the ATP Ranking.



I put all this words in all this languages for you to understand that in London live a lot of people of a lot of ethnicities, religions, etc

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