The Travelog

We went to London because Edgar, our teacher, told us to travel to London and do a homework about this city with photos and notes. The airplane flights at 08:00 from Biarritz airport. Javier feels nervous because sometimes accidents happen in airplanes, he is very pesimistic. JJ isn´t nervous because he is thinking of the fantastic city of London. Álvaro and Mikel are angry, Álvaro does not want to travel to London and M ikel forgot his camera at home. But it is not very important because J.J Javier and JJ bring their cameras. Oh, the plane is taking off says Javier. In the airplane we look to the beatiufull air hostess but it´s an imposible dream. Later we have to put up with the snores of Jimenez. Oh my god says Álvaro, this is the worst flight in my live. Do you play cards with me? says Mikel. Ok good idea. Let´s play to the comemierda . Yeah says Javier. The snores stop, Jimenez wakes up and then says, look Cristina, Leyre, Paula and Ismael. In one hour we will arrive at Stanted airport, we thought. In the airport, we said goodbye to Ismael, Cristina, Leyre and Paula. But the airport is far from London and we have to catch the bus. The travel was very, very boring. Álvaro, Mikel, Javier and Javier were sleeping. One hour later Mikel shouted: look , this is London! We saw a four stars hotel and suddenly the name, The Rathbone, it was our hotel! There was one presidential bedroom for all of us because it was the biggest one in the hotel (120 m2, jacuzzi, a plasma T.V. and a enormous golden bathroom). We had a rest of a few minutes, then we get the underground to go to the westminster bridge. The stop is away so we walk a lot. Mikel says: I am tired. We are tired so we go to a restaurant to eat and to have a rest. Later we came on to the westminster bridge. Thats fantastic! As you can see in the photo is later so we turn to the hotel and we go to sleep. We dream about giant bridges and about an underground th an never finish and we are into it. At the morning we are rested and excited of the day arrived. We went in bus to the eye of London. We went up and we saw many streets of London that is fantastic later we came down and we went to a restaurant to ate had a rest and to spoke of that travel. It´s great! says Álvaro I was very excited. Mikel ate a lot and he had a tummyache, but he is also very happy. On the afternoon we went to Oxford street. Mikel wants to bought a videogame, Álvaro a mobile and Javier wants a war game but it was very expensive. Later we went to an important restaurant of London to have dinner. The food was delicious, we wanted to repeat but we’re not hungry. The account please, 60 pouds says the waiter. Ok, I give you the money. Thank you he says. Then we went to the underground to go to Picadilly circus because there is a bakery of cakes delicious, this place is very famous so we see Angelina Jolie doing a film with Harryson Ford! But we´re tired so we get one b us which stops near the hotel. London bus In the hotel we see films in english and we eat candys but at half past ten we´re in the bed. Ten hours later we´re eating a lot of pancakes, kiwis, coticao, juice of apple, orange, croissants and talking with a waiter who is from venezuela. At half past eleven we´re walking in Oxford Street because it´s near of the hotel and one hour later we are in Trafalgar square. J. L take this photo: Trafalgar Square is beautiful, says Mikel. Yes I´m agree wi th you, says J.L. In Trafalgar Square there are many people making turism, like us. We went to a restaurant to eat because we are very hungry and tired. Later we go to the Green park to walk and to see it. In the park is an ice cream shop and we take four ice creams: one of meant and chocolate, other of pineapple, another of lemon and strawberry and the other of vainille and coco. Next to it we go to walk a few minutes more and to take the bus to go to Oxford street and later to the hotel. There is no night but we are tired of the large walk and we go to have a little rest, talking about the day and telling jokes. Later we have dinner and at eleven o´clock we´re in bed. We eat an english breakfast of bacon, eggs, toasts with marmalade of strawberry; it´s very good ! Then, we go to the swimming pool because is inside; we make some longs swims. Oh, my God, we are very tired. We go to the jacuzzi to relax. After the swim we have the lunch to Porters English. Later, we visit the London Eye. We were curious to see the famous street markets like Candem Town or Portobello. Finally, we were in the Candem Town. There were a lot of interesting things we did not know.We saw a strange bracelet. Later we went to had dinner and we went to bed. At the followin day we went to had breakfast and we took a boat to saw the river Thames and the bridges. Then after to lunch we went to saw the houses of parliament and the tower of London. We were hungry so we stoped in a shop. We bought hamburguers and chips. Later we went to the hotel to tell fear stories. After of that we stay in bed. Morning we have breakfast and then we went to the British museum we saw mommis and more things of the ancient rome, greece. Álvaro bought a chocolate mommi, JJ bought a pen of the British museum, Mikel a book of the history of London. Then we go to Madame Tussauds and Javier Larequi bought a statue of the queen and other of Jhonny Deep. Later we go to the Sherlock´s Holmes museum and we take a copy of the hat of Holmes but JJ prefer to buy the hat of Watson. In the afternoon we went to the Masters series and we see Rafa Nadal v.s Soderling and a ball hits Álvaro so we have to go to the hospital and we lose the last hour of the match. Later we went to the airport and we took a flight to Biarritz airport.

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